Tuesday 13th November
Check out a small video which shows some of the highlights of this years FOBISSEA Music Festival 2012 in HCMC!

Fobissea2012 HCMC.wmv

Festival Director: Sarah James
Monday 12th November GALA Concert Day
Today we travelled to BIS HCMC sister school, the British Vietnamese International School (a dual language school) and the venue for our GALA Concert.
It was a busy day, as we only had today to finalise and make any last minute touches to our repertoire. We spent the morning focussing on technical rehearsals to ensure that sound and lighting was to a good standard for the big concert. The afternoon was spent with a full dress rehearsal of the concert before we rushed to get changed and ready, save our energy and voices for the big concert.
Below are a small selection of the pieces that were performed during the Gala concert with a variety of ensembles:
Festival Choir and Orchestra Combined: Lacrimosa and Gladiator
Jazz Band: Act your age
Junior Girls Choir: Count on me
Male Vocal Group: Rhythm of love
Senior Strings: Mahajara
Clarinet Choir: Ja Da
Senior Girls Choir: Simple Gifts
Festival Choir: The Seal Lullaby and Africa
Festival Orchestra: Pines of Rome
A DVD and Audio CD of the complete concert will be sent to schools in the next few weeks!
Sarah James: Festival Director
Sunday 11th November
Today the music is really starting to flow and come together and both the students and staff are working incredibly hard now to ensure that tomorrow nights concert is a success.
Our day has been very similar to yesterday with opportunities to participate in more workshops and a different set of activities. We have spent more time together today, rehearsing the combined festival choir and orchestra pieces, Mozarts - 'Lacrimosa', Han Zimmers 'Gladiator', 'Truong Com' a traditional Vietnamese piece and an arrangement of 'Thriller/Heads will Roll'.
This evening we have had our dinner and then enjoyed a Rock Band nIght. All participating schools have been given the opportunity to entertain their peers and rock out at on our school stage. Students danced and laughed and sung along to some of their favourites.
This evening we were fortunate to return to the hotel by 8.00pm so that the students could have an early night in preperation for the big day.....GALA Concert day tomorrow!
Sarah James: Festival Director
Saturday 10th November
Today has been another busy day of rehearsals in preperation for our Gala concert on Monday.
Students and staff have worked hard today, moving between full Festival choir and Festival orchestra rehearsals and then into sectionals and smaller ensemble rehearsals.
Students have again had the opportunity to participate in workshops being offered by the various music teachers and today have also had the opportunity to participate in an activity program. All school have chosen one activity to be a part of today. The activities on offer were water polo, football, dodgeball, yoga, short film and a walking city tour of Ho Chi Minh City. All student have appreciated and welcomed the brief break from rehearsals.
On returning from our activity we had dinner, provided by a local catering company and then sat down to enjoy a traditional Vietnamese ensemble performance. They taught us about the traditional Vietnamese instruments and even invited some of the students, on stage to perform alongside the Vietnamese musicians.
After another long day, we returned to the hotel around 8.45pm to get some rest, so that we are prepared for yet again, another busy day of rehearsals tomorrow.
Sarah James: Festival Director
Friday 9th November
Its been a long and busy day but both both students and staff have returned to the hotel this evening already motivated and eager for tomorrows rehearsals. When we arrived at BIS this morning students were greeted by the Head of Secondary, Mr Richard Dyer. We then moved straight into Festival choir and Festival orchestra rehearsals.
Later in the morning students participated in a variety of different workshops organised by music teachers. Some of the workshops students have been involved in were African Drumming, iPad Orchestra, Folk Music, Country Dancing and New Orleans Band. Everyone had fun and enjoyed all the workshops offered.
The afternoon took us to rehearsals for smaller ensembles such as Jazz Band, Flute Choir and Junior/Senior Choirs. A group photo was taken during our afternoon break with all 15 schools and 290 participants, wearing our Fobissea music T-shirts and Vietnameser Conical hats. You can see this on our gallery tab.
For dinner we unwound with a BBQ on the school field, but it wasn't long before students were off to rehearse again in their school groups ready for the participating schools concert that evening.
Friday evening we all gathered together in BIS's Auditorium to watch each school perform a piece of some variety. The concert had a fantastic atmosphere, with students relaxed and supportive of everyones performances. Performances varied from human drum kits and solo classical pianists, to combined choir and band performances from some of the larger schools.
We returned to the hotel this evening around 9.45pm, tired and ready for bed but smiling and happy!
Festival Director: Sarah James
Thursday 8th November
All 15 schools have arrived safely at the hotel and have enjoyed meeting each other, and for some people reuniting with old friends. We all enjoyed a delicious welcome dinner banquet together and Year 12 and 13 students from BIS HCMC entertained us with a beautiful and very traditional Vietnamese dance. Students and staff are excited about what the next few days have in store and most importantly making music together. 
Festival Director: Sarah James