bye bye fobissea!

posted 12 Nov 2012, 20:17 by Unknown user

wow. wowzy wowdy wow wow.
What a trip! I can definitely say we had a lot of fun, from meeting other schools, to pulling pranks on each other.
Yesterday we had the concert, dinner and disco. When the time came for the disco, noone held back, and we partied into the night. (don't worry parents, we got sent up at eleven. Do not worry!)

On behalf of the seven dulwich students that came to this years fobissea, we would like to scream (not say) thank you to the one, the only Sarah james, ms.jin and mr.stingle for being awesome and putting up with our constant annoyingness.

Vietnam was great, the music was great and, to be truthful, everything was great!!!!!!!!!!

We will miss FOBISSEA!!!!!


posted 12 Nov 2012, 07:18 by Unknown user

WOW! What a DAY! We are back at the hotel and it's been an amazing day of music-making and camaraderie. The children are dancing as I type after an excellent meal, and they will sleep soon enough I'm sure!

We sight-see in Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow - ALL DAY - and then get on our plane at midnight:50.  The children and I can't wait to get home, but it has been a great experience for all concerned and we look forward to doing it all over again next year in.........????????


posted 9 Nov 2012, 08:31 by Unknown user

Day one of the Festival is officially over! I'm writing this one as the students are getting some much needed rest! It's been a long day, filled with rehearsals, eating, picture-taking with Vietnamese hats on, and a concert to finish off the evening. The Participating Schools Concert was great fun as we saw everything from students from Harrow in Bangkok becoming a virtual drum kit, an outstanding pianist from British School Manila, a male version of Mariah Carey's Hero, a few guitarists, some choirs, some bands, and our Dulwich Suzhou version of Nobody, Nobody but YOU and our very own Hallelujah from the movie Shrek. We even had the crowd singing along with us, so overall, it was a very successful evening.

Day 2 promises to be more of the same, with a concert of Vietnamese music planned for the evening after another day of fun. I'll try to get the students post some pictures tomorrow.

Vietnam, Here we come!

posted 6 Nov 2012, 23:25 by Unknown user

The first blog entry!  Very excited about heading to Vietnam tomorrow with the Seven Singers of DCB! After today, the blog will be kept by the students, I promise! Maybe there won't be as many exclamation points!!!

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