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First Day!

posted 10 Nov 2012, 04:14 by Unknown user
First Day Of Vietnam!
Wow - what a great start, waking up at five in the morning to go to Vietnam  for Music FOBISSEA.
Were having a great time so far.
Our flight was cool, we were lucky to have TVs. 
Students that came with us were:
Meg, Sandra, Campbell,  Jacob, Eun Ji, Marina, Justin, Josh, Lauren, Cristiaan, Katherine and Me! (Liam) 

We got cool new hats, when we got to the Hotel (The Equatorial) which is where all the Music FOBISSEANS are staying. There's a cool swimming pool, and the view from our room is amazing!
The city, Ho Chi Minh is flooded with motorcycles.
Here's a quick snap of what were doing in our room.

As soon as we arrived, we went to a super bowl, a bowling alley with cool games. Meg and me beat Cris and Sandra at table football.

The Welcome dinner, was awesome with a shouting competition when the lady said the school's name, and DBIS, even though outnumbered, we still won, thanks to Campbell doing a weird dance and shouting at the top of his lungs. There were some girls doing a traditional Vietnamese dance.
Well, see you all soon! Tomorrow the hard work starts! :(

Liam Fitzgerald