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FOBISSEA First Rehearsal Day

posted 9 Nov 2012, 07:50 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Nov 2012, 19:13 by Unknown user ]
Arriving at school this morning, I could be sure that today was going today was going to be a crazy day! But it wasn't until when I actually stepped into the auditorium to find HUNDREDS of seats set out for the orchestra. The room was completely filled with chairs, percussions, and musical stands.Knowing how large the amount of participants of this year FOBISSEA, I knew instantly that the concert is going to be grand and magnificent. 

As the other schools started to arrived at school, we were all very excited to start the day with full of excitement in front of us.WIth Mr. Dyer multinational speech as our motivations, we started to get into our groups of choir and orchestra to start our first rehearsal. In the orchestra, we started out a little rough (with myself being one of the roughest). But as we were getting into the music and concentrating on it, we were getting better and better. Even though the rehearsal was quite long, I was enjoying the wonderful music that we've produced. But even more memorable than that, I was able to make a new friend who is also in the same section as me!

Afterwards, we got sectional practice and workshop. In my workshop of Garage band, we learned how to mix loops of songs, cutting and editing, and even created a simple song by ourselves. It was amazing to know how to create a great with such simple uses. 

In the afternoon, we got even MORE rehearsal. Since it was such a long day, I was very tired from head to toe. However, that did not stop me from enjoying myself in playing in the jazz band and orchestra. But when the choir was added to our performance, it did get quite rusty and out of beat. But not before long, we were able to harmonised our into beautiful musics. 

After our dinner, we got to tasted what individual schools got to offer. We were the starting the night off with our performance of 'Feeling Good'. After us, it was the time for other schools to perform. At first, I thought the genre of the performances were just going to be the same. But after hearing just a few, I could find that there are all kinds of varieties being brought to the stage. We got from traditional-flute solo to incredible bass picking. Which so much different talent being brought up on stage, we all had a great night enjoying each other performances very much.

After a long day of rehearsing, I find myself very happy to be taking part in such an amazing opportunity to meet new people with different talents and to be in the making of such wonderful music. All I could say is this will never be forgotten.

Ronny, 9N