Due to the nature of HCMC the trips/activities are very limited. Schools will have an option of 4 activities and will choose 2 activities to take part in. Staff from each school will be expected to remain with their school group during the activities/trip (but do not have to have an active role in activities.

Schools will stay together in their school groups for these activities and will not split between activities.

Option 1
Swimming at BIS - a chance for the students to unwind in the pool. Students might choose to get involved in a water polo game or just simply relax and have fun. CAS students will be involved in providing any activities and will be on hand at all times. The swimming pool is restricted to no more than 40 students at a time. Please ensure students bring swimming costumes etc.

Option 2
Sporting Activities at BIS - a chance for students to release some energy. CAS students at BIS will be offering a variety of activities such as football, badminton, rounders etc. Please ensure students bring appropriate clothing for sports activities.

Option 3
Relaxation Activities at BIS - a chance for students to just simply relax and switch off. CAS students will be offering the chance for students to unwind in-front of a film.

Option 4
A walking tour of HCMC . Our CAS students will be leading groups on a walking tour. Please see the attachment below for more details on this trip. Coaches will be provided for groups, to and from BIS.
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